Stainless Steel Ductwork

Why choose stainless steel ductwork?

Stainless steel ductwork is used in environments where galvanised or mild steel ducting would corrode and distort. This is typically when certain corrosive substances are passing through the ductwork and usually at extreme temperatures.

Stainless steel ductwork in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel provides a superior strength and durability, its longevity of wear means it is a cost effective solution when considering life cycle spend.

Holders Sheet Metal supply stainless steel ductwork in various construction and sizes

  • Circular stainless steel ducting
  • 316 and 304 Stainless steel ductwork
  • Large diameter and various thicknesses
  • Fully welded
  • Flanged

The Features and Benefits of stainless steel ductwork

  • Retains strength at temperature extremities highs and lows
  • Long life cycle perfect in new builds- it will outlast most materials
  • Low cost when considering life cycle
  • Recyclable