Fire Rated

Fire Rated

Holders Sheet Metal are authorised and approved to manufacture and install fire rated ductwork.

The standard duct systems Firemac FM60, Firemac FM120 & Firemac FM240 provide up to 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 240 minutes fire resistance (stability & integrity) respectively.

The fabric used in Firemac systems has been developed to meet the demands of ductworkers, and is applied at the point of fabrication, keeping all aspects of the project in house and under control.

Testing & Accreditation

Standard ventilation ductwork systems offer little or no protection against fire spread. It is an easy way for fire and smoke to spread rapidly through a building, penetrating fire compartment walls and floors and cutting off means of escape.

Therefore it is critical that a properly tested fire-resisting duct system is installed with good workmanship.

Such systems can also be used to extract smoke thus helping the occupants to escape and assisting the emergency services.

The Fabric

The fabric used in Firemac’s systems is manufactured in the UK.  All Firemac systems are rigorously tested to the requirements of BS 476: PART 24: 1987. 

A full appraisal of the Firemac FM Fabric duct systems which includes a summary of the supporting test evidence, has been issued by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and is available on request.