The Importance Of Workshop Ventilation In Winter

Air quality in any work environment is crucial for the safety, well-beingand comfort of employees – this rings particularly true for those working in a warehouse environment. In general, warehouses pose a number of hazards to those working inside them, and poor ventilation is no exception.

The hazards in hot weather are often the focus when it comes to ventilation in warehouse environments, however there are also a number of factors that heighten risks during the colder months that should be considered.

Humidity and condensation

Issues can arise when it comes to the retention of heat in these commercial spaces – keeping the cold out and maintaining warmth inside gives air pollution and humidity the chance to build, while allowing the temperature to get low increases the chances for condensation to form.

Metal materials are a good indicator of the dampness in the air, as they are particularly susceptible to condensation, with cold temperatures causing them to become cooler than the surrounding air and forming moisture.

Condensation in a warehouse environment can create serious hazards, causing metal platforms and shelving to become slippery, and even inciting corrosion and damage to expensive machinery and equipment. Electronic components are also at high risk should condensation form, with excess moisture potentially leading to the delamination and contamination of printed circuit boards (PCB).

Similarly, poor warehouse ventilation in winter that lead to high levels of humidity can contribute to bacterial growth and mould – a considerable health risk to those working within the space. Not only does mould and mildew negatively affect employee health and well being, it can also impact the safety of products, as well as the quality of stored materials and stock.

Why ventilation matters

Regulating temperature and encouraging optimal airflow can be particularly difficult (and costly) due to the constant change in air with stock movement and distribution, as well the sheer size of some warehousing facilities. This is why the installation of the right ventilation system is crucial – not only to ensure the comfort of employees but also to comply with work health and safety guidelines.